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Glendalough, Circa 1899, is named after the birthplace of St Kevin in the Wicklow Mountains area of Ireland.
(Glendalough is pronounced Glenda Lock.  In Ireland a "lough" is a lake.)
"There's bin some changes made"....  17th April, 2014 while listening to  -
Hindustan Kenny Davern/Scott Hamilton 1990      Song of Songs    Kenny Davern-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams   I've Got a Crush on You  Ella F
Nancy Sinatra - My Buddy (click)   Chet Baker         "      "     (click)  Lovely old tune from 1922.         
Harry Allen - Rose of Washington Square  (click)   Send in the Clowns     
Tasjazz by Geoff Woods O.A.M., Tasmanian Jazz Promotion, to promote the jazz artform in Tasmania plus elsewhere, & to assist musicians, clubs, devotees, and businesses.
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TASJAZZ - If you are looking for a band, a musician, state-wide diary of coming jazz events, news from any Tasmanian jazz club, names and addresses of club officials, many links and much more, enter the word Tasjazz in to most search engines to go to the web site run by Geoff Woods of Deloraine.
Geoff was voluntary Tasmanian Jazz Co-ordinator for several years, until that position ended but he still promotes Tasmanian jazz in much the same way. Tasjazz receives over 4000 visits every year, from throughout Tasmania, Australia and internationally. Tasjazz is the first point of contact for many musicians and jazz lovers who want to know about playing and/or listening to jazz in Tasmania. 
Email is gwoods  (take out the space after the s  and before the @ sign)

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